The Internet of Things (IoT) portal

The 7-day timer allows you to schedule 2 unique time period per day every day of the week. By default the timer operates Output 1 (#Relay).

To load the timer interface click the timer icon at the bottom of the Live Screen

To set the clock within the unit, you simply need to load this page whilst the unit is connected to the network. If the clock appears to be wrong, check the 'Time Zone' settings as discussed below

On this page the 'Sync' button will check the remote unit for an previously set up times. You should only use this button if there appears to be a problem.

If multiple days are to have the same settings, type the times in to one day and then click 'Copy'. This will copy this day's settings to all days.

When typing text into the table, it is allowed to add the ':' character but not essential; '1200' and '12:00' are both valid

After entering times, the 'Check' button should be pressed to ensure all times are valid. Check the table for errors before clicking 'Save'

To enable the timer, the 'Enabled' button must be pressed. When the button is coloured in green it is selected

Time Zones

When setting the clock in the unit, the system must know which time zone to use. This is selected on a Capital city wide basis for each country. In the UK this is London

Select the new time zone from the drop down menu labelled 'Change Time Zone'. This will fill the 'Current Time Zone' box. At which point the new select should be saved