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Each output can have a unique telephone number which, when rung from a registered number, will active the output relay

To change the number for the output, click the telephone icon on the desired output card. This will display the current telephone number for the output

To reveal the list of available numbers, delete the current entry. By typing your country code (e.g. UK for United Kingdom) you will be restricted to number from your desired region.

These numbers are public numbers. We have 100s of number available for several regions. If any one of your users' telephone numbers are present in another device, you should select a different telephone number for the current device you are programming

When the telephone number is rung, the database is scanned for any relay output associated with the incoming number. All valid outputs are operated when dialled by a valid number

Operating multiple relay outputs at once may or may not be desired behaviour. Changing the output telephone number will stop multiple outputs being operated at once

Should you enter a user telephone number into the system that appear on another system with the same output number, you will receive the above warning. We recommend you change the current output number in this case.

To change the number the SMS and calls originate from, click the telephone icon on the desired input card. As above, delete the current entry to reveal available numbers.