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5G, IoT and CMMS

For mobile phones 5G connectivity brings faster browsing and downloads. For IoT, 5G offers something much more important. 5G gives IoT connectivity in places where mobile phones won't work. Forget what you know about the limits of cellular;

5G IoT products work everywhere.

NB-IoT is the ultimate cellular technology for IoT. Data packets are transferred up to 2048 building up a clear picture of the data amongst all of the random background noise. A human analogy is asking someone in a noisy party to repeat what they're saying 2000 times - eventually you can make it out.
There is an obvious downside and that's speed and latency. For mobile phones it would be intolerable - indeed NB-IoT is generally slower than 2G. However, for CMMS systems, where we're dealing with minutes, hours and days to action a work order, a few milliseconds is insignificant.

iot-portal.com - The live link between your assets and your CMMS

Cloud Connected

  • View asset status from anywhere
  • No internet required on-site
  • Get SMS, calls and emails from asset
  • Access control using a work order QR code
  • Locate asset with Google Maps

Prioritise your Maintenance

  • Generate-Action-Confirm Work Orders
  • Generate work orders for the assets that need them
  • Prioritise maintenance
  • Make efficient use of your team
  • Confirm maintenance complete with QR/tag reader


  • Complete customisation available
  • API integration with FIIX, MaintainX and more
  • Hardware and software customisation
  • Off-the-Shelf hardware available
  • 5G system works indoors and underground!




5G DIN Rail 8-input 2-output controller
The DR5 DIN Rail 5G monitor and controller works deep underground and inside buildings and plant rooms


  • All UK GSM Networks
  • Supports NB-IoT & LTE-M
  • 12V-24V 100mA max.
  • 8-inputs, 0-36V analogue of switch contacts
  • Weigand 26/34bit interface
  • Expanable to 48 inputs
  • 2x Volt-free relay output


5G GSM Alarm Dialler
The 5G GSM Alarm Dialler is ideal for fire and intruder alarms and as a general purpose speech dialler/SMS sender


  • No SIM card required
  • Each unit pinged every 4 minutes to check status
  • Credit never expires
  • No disconnection due to inactivity
  • Only pay for calls and SMS used
  • Text-to-Speech voice calls
  • No monthly fees
  • Dials all numbers at the same time
  • Send SMS to all numbers at the same time
  • The most reliable alarm dialler on the market

Available from alarm-diallers.com


QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader for Accees Control and Work Order confirmation


  • Reads Work Order Bar Code
  • Reads employee tag
  • Weatherproof
  • Standard 1-gang pattress
  • For site/plant room acces control

KR602 Reader

High quality low cost 13.56MHz RFID reader


  • 13.56MHz Media
  • Keypad
  • Weatherproof
  • Standard 1-gang pattress
  • For site/plant room acces control
MiFare Fobs

Low cost MiFare tags


  • ID code printed on label
  • Pre-registered with the portal
  • Low cost

Computerised Maintenance Management System

Why send an engineer to site to check everything is OK?

A system in fault should be prioritised. iot-portal.com allows you to do this.

No internet required on-site.

Know an asset requires maintenance before it causes an issue.

Build your own bespoke system or integrate the IoT devices into your existing CMMS.

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Portal Access

Any device with your email address set to 'Full Access' will be available in the portal. If you don't know or have never set your password click 'Forgotten Password' above.

Other Access Methods

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via Email Link

When a new device is enrolled you will be emailed a semi-permanent link to your unit's own webpage
If the email is lost or accidentally shared it can be changed at any time here https://www.priory-access.com/login

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via Bookmark

Typically users will bookmark the email link in their browsers for quick access

via Username/Password

When managing a group of units, users can register their email address and password on www.priory-access.com and access all units from the one interface
Group programming and billing is also available via the www.priory-access.com interface

Help and Support

We aim to make using our products and services as simple as possible to use, but there will always be occasions were you need a helping hand. We offer interactive support on an individual system or group basis www.priory-access.com/help.

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Help Page

We have a dedicated help page offering links to the interactive support and ticket system.
This page also has online instruction manuals showing how to do common tasks https://www.priory-access.com/help

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Support Tickets

Open a support ticket directly from the Live Screen with your device ID already details already filled in

Interactive Support

As we provide a full turnkey connectivity and hardware solution, we're able to provide interactive fault finding which covers everything from hardware, setup, to network availability
Simply let us know the information you have and we'll find any problems via the website www.priory-access.com/help interface

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